• DVM Daily™ Soft Chews are soft chews with more than 24 vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.
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    Durafend is a pellet dewormer used in livestock, such as cattle and swine.
  • Diagel for Horses is a one-time oral syringe used to promote bowel health and prevent diarrhea.
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  • These delicious chew treats are designed to fit select Busy Buddy® Bouncy Bone™ and Bristle Bone® toys.
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  • Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone

    Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone is a rawhide bone, a treat toy, and a bouncy ball all in one!
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  • Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Activity Ball dispenses your pet's food in a fun and active way!
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  • Aurocin

    Aurocin is an over-the-counter ear cleanser that dries, deodorizes, and acidifies your pet's ears.
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