Cough Tablets


Cough tabs are a cough suppressant for temporary relief of cough symptoms in dogs and cats.

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Cough Tablet Basics
Cough Tablets act as an expectorant, antitussive, and a cough suppressant. Although cough tabs are usually available over the counter, no prescription required, a prescription is necessary to buy cough tablets in any quantity other than the full bottle. Ask your veterinarian for a prescription for cough tabs if you need quantities other than those offered by the over the counter product.

Cough Tablet Warnings
Keep out of the reach of children and pets. If your pet’s condition does not improve or worsens during cough tablet treatment, contact your veterinarian. Store protected from light and moisture. Store at room temperature.

Cough Tablet Directions
Give as directed by your veterinarian. Follow the instructions printed on the product label. If your pet’s condition worsens or does not improve, contact your veterinarian. Store at room temperature. Store protected from light and moisture.


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