DOUXO Chlorhexidine Pads


Douxo Chlorhexidine pads are medicated cleansing pads used to treat a variety of skin infections.


Douxo Chlorhexidine Pads Basics

Douxo Chlorhexidine Pads are medicated antiseptic and cleansing pads that treat a variety of skin issues. They contain no alcohol. Chlorhexidine pads are great for treating bacterial skin infections, fungal skin infections, skin allergies, or dry skin. Chlorhexidine pads contain phytosphingosine which has anti-inflammatory properties that help restore the lipid barrier of the skin to promote long-term skin health.

This product is available over the counter. Therefore, it requires no prescription. It is available in 30 count containers.

Chlorhexidine Pads Directions

Use as directed by your veterinarian and follow the instructions printed on the product label. Clean the affected area. Apply chlorhexidine on the affected area once a day.

Store at room temperature. Store protected from light and moisture.

Douxo Chlorhexidine Pads Warnings

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Chlorhexidine pads are not intended for human use. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if skin irritation develops. If you notice any behavioral or physiological changes in your pet after using chlorhexidine pads, contact your veterinarian immediately.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact us at (877) 220-6337. A member of our pharmacy staff will be happy to assist you!

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