Equidone Gel is used to prevent fescue toxicosis in periparturient mares.

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Equidone Basics
Equidone is available by prescription only. Equidone (Domperidone) is a Dopamine-2 antagonist that is similar to metoclopramide. Equidone is used to prevent fescue toxicosis in periparturient mares. Peripartum is the period right before and right after giving birth. It is also rarely used to promote milk production in horses and small animals.

Equidone Warnings
Keep Equidone out of reach of children and pets. If your horse is allergic to domperidone, do not administer Equidone Gel. Complications with transfer of immunoglobulins can occur while taking Equidone Gel, so foals should be tested for immunoglobulin concentrations. Equidone Gel is for use in horses only. Pregnant women should use caution when handling Equidone. Do not use Equidone if your horse may have gastrointestinal blockage. Equidone may lead to premature foal birth.

Equidone Gel Directions
Use as directed by your veterinarian. Always follow the instructions printed on the prescription label. Store Equidone at room temperature. Equidone is for oral use in horses only.

If you notice any behavioral or physiological changes in your horse during Equidone treatment, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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Package Size

25mL Tube