Hi-Vite Drops


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Hi-Vite Drops are a vitamin supplement for dogs and cats.


Hi-Vite Drops Basics
Hi-Vite is available over the counter. No prescription is required. Hi-Vite is a vitamin supplement for dogs and cats. Hi-Vite can be used in aging dogs or cats, puppies, and kittens.

Hi-Vite Drops Warnings
Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Hi-Vite is not intended to replace a healthy diet. Hi-Vite is not intended for human consumption. Store Hi-Vite at room temperature. If your pet’s condition worsens while taking Hi-Vite, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Hi-Vite Drops Directions
Use as directed by your veterinarian. Follow the instructions printed on the product packaging. To administer Hi-Vite, drop the supplement onto your pet’s tongue, or mix it with food or milk. Hi-Vite is not intended to replace your pet’s usual balanced diet and should only be used as a supplement. Store at room temperature.

Hi-Vite Drops Recommended Dosage

  • Give 1/2 dropperful two times daily.

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