Himalayan Dog Chews


Himalayan Dogs Chews are all natural dog treats that are free of chemicals and preservatives.


Himalayan Dog Treat Basics
Himalayan Dog Treats are all natural and preservative free. Treats are grain and gluten free. Himalayan Dog Treats come from an ancient recipe originating from the people of the Himalayas and Nepal. Treats are made out of yak and cow milk. Treats come in five different sizes based on your pet’s weight.

Himalayan Dog Treats Directions
Treats are not intended for human consumption. Pick the correct treat for your pet’s weight range. The left over end pieces of the treats can be microwaved for 45 seconds, then increments of 10 seconds as needed. After the treat cools, you can give the puff to your pet. Each treat has a minimum of 52.8% crude protein.

Additional information

Weight Range

Under 15lbs, Under 55lbs, Under 65lbs, Under 70lbs