K9 Advantix II (Fleas and Ticks)


K9 ADVANTIX II repels and kills all life cycles of ticks and fleas. It also repels biting flies, chewing lice, and mosquitoes. DO NOT USE IN CATS.



ADVANTIX uses an insecticide that belongs to a group of chemicals known as pyrethrins. The two main ingredients used in this topical drug, imidacloprid and permethrin, work together to fight external parasites. This product also contains the insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen. This medication is placed on the animal’s skin to kill fleas and ticks. The formula repels and/or kills ticks, fleas and flea eggs, mosquitoes, lice, and biting flies. The chemicals in K9 ADVANTIX II attack parasites’ nerve cells at different sites causing paralysis and death.

Available over the counter, no prescription required. Use ONLY in dogs. Kills and repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Provides relief in 3-5 minutes. Kills adult fleas within 12 hours. Kills flea larvae within 20 minutes. Repels ticks and mosquitoes before they bite. This product is waterproof.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. DO NOT use in cats. Should not be used in animals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to this medication. Avoid in geriatric or very ill or weak animals. Do not use in puppies younger than 7 weeks of age. Redness of the skin may occur. Drooling or vomiting may occur if dog licks any of the product.

Follow the instructions on the product label. Store K9 ADVANTIX II at room temperature. K9 ADVANTIX II should be applied to skin between the shoulder blades once a month. Be sure to empty the entire contents in the same spot around the shoulder blades. Do not use in puppies less than 7 weeks old. DO NOT USE IN CATS

Dosage for DOGS

Up to 10 pounds (GREEN BOX)

  • 0.4 mL tube
  • Apply between shoulder blades

11-20 pounds (TEAL BOX)

  • 1 mL tube
  • Apply between shoulder blades

21-55 pounds (RED BOX)

  • 2.5 mL tube
  • Apply between shoulder blades

Over 55 pounds (BLUE BOX)

  • 4 mL tube
  • Apply between shoulder blades

Dosage FAQs
In the case of a missed dose of K9 ADVANTIX II, give it as soon as you remember or wait until it is time to give the next dose. DO NOT GIVE A DOUBLE DOSE OF K9 ADVANTIX II. Overdose cases are rare, however, if you suspect an overdose has occurred, contact your veterinarian immediately. Some irritation at the application site has been noted, and some animals experience excessive salivation. Some drooling or vomiting may also occur if your dog licks the product. However, there have been very few serious side effects reported with this product.

Additional information

Weight Range

Over 55 lbs, 4-10lbs, 11-20lbs, 21-55lbs

Package Size

4 Month Box, 6 Month Box, 12 Month Box