Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Flush


A topical flush used to treat bacterial and fungal skin conditions such as ringworm, dermatitis, and yeast infections.


Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Flush Basics
This product is available over the counter. No prescription is required. TrizEDTA flush is an antimicrobial and an antifungal. TrizEDTA flush has four active ingredients chlorhexidene gluconate, ketoconazole, tromethamine USP, and disodium EDTA dihydrate. TrizEDTA can be used for skin and ear conditions. Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA effectively treats ringworm, dermatits conditions, and yeast infections.

Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Flush Warnings
Keep out of reach of children and pets. TrizEDTA flush is for topical use only. Pets and humans should not consume the flush. For use in pets only. Store at room temperature. Do not get flush into eyes. Wash your hands after administering TrizEDTA flush. Shake before use. If your pet’s condition continues or worsens while using TrizEDTA flush, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian.

Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Flush
Shake the bottle before applying medication. Follow the instructions on the label. TrizEDTA flush can be used in the ear canal and on the skin.

For use in the ear canal
Apply TrizEDTA flush to the ear canal. Massage the base of your pet’s ear. Repeat as often as is recommended by your veterinarian.

For use on the skin
Squeeze flush onto the affected area of the skin. Remove excess flush with a cotton ball. Repeat as often as is recommended by your veterinarian.

If your pet’s condition does not improve or worsens while using TrizEDTA flush, stop use and contact your veterinarian.

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