PancrePlus (VetOne Brand)


Pancreatic enzymes that help digest food and absorb fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

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PancrePlus Basics

PancrePlus is a digestive aid in replacement therapy for dogs and cats that have problems digesting food. It is used to treat exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and Pancreatitis. PancrePlus contains enzymes that allow your dog to receive the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.

This product requires a prescription from your veterinarian. It is available in tablet form in 100 ct and 500 ct bottles and also in powder form in 4oz, 8oz, and 12oz bottles.

PancrePlus Directions

Use as directed by your veterinarian and follow the instructions printed on the prescription label. Complete the entire prescription, even if your pet seems to be improving, unless instructed otherwise by your veterinarian. Add PancrePlus Powder to moistened food (canned or dry). Then, throughly mix. This is necessary to bring the enzymes into close contact with the food particles. After mixing, let treated food stand at room temperature for 15 – 20 minutes prior to feeding.

Store at room temperature, protected from light and moisture.

PancrePlus Warnings

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. PancrePlus is not intended for human use. Do not use in pets that have a known hypersensitivity to the product or are allergic to pork proteins. PancrePlus may cause temporary mouth irritation. Use of antacids may diminish the effectiveness of this product. If you notice any behavioral or physiological changes in your pet while administering PancrePlus, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Adverse Reactions and Serious Side Effects

Adverse reactions and serious side effects are rare, however, they can occur. In the case of an adverse reaction or serious side effect, seek immediate veterinary attention.

If you have any additional questions regarding this product, please contact us at (877)220-6337. A member of our pharmacy staff will be happy to assist you!



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