T-Shape Undercoat Rake


A brush specially designed to tackle hair matting and overgrowth that occurs on dogs with double coats.


JORVET Undercoat Rake Basics
The JORVET Undercoat Rake has two rows of teeth which are extremely effective in untangling and removing matted fur. The JORVET Undercoat Rake is conveniently sized. Brush comes with a comfort grip, allowing you to quickly and easily comb through tight areas while also eliminating static.

JORVET Undercoat Rake Directions
Gently run the undercoat rake through your pet’s coat. Do not apply too much pressure. When trying to remove a mat, gently saw the rake back and forth. This motion will allow you to cut through the mat. Continue until all mats have been removed. Remove hair from the brush as needed throughout the grooming process.